Datacenter Locations

On-Site Support

All servers we host have on-site technicians through a partner company to provide in person support in the event of a hardware failure. These technicians are well trained in all aspects of their job to provide excellence to you.

Redundant Infrastructure

All of our locations are equipped with redundant power and fiber connections down to each rack. We want your services to stay running in the event that a single connection would get cut off.

Network Map

Phoenix, AZ United States

Housed in the PhoenixNAP Datacenter, our first location and most popular, our customers experience world class speeds, as well as one of the best locations for connectivity to South America. This location offers the smallest change of natural disaster in North America being key for high availability and security for your data.

Dallas, TX United States

Located in CoreExchange's Informart Datatcenter, Our Dallas High bandwidth servers are key to many businesses. With a South-Central location with peers including Cogent Communications, Hurricane Electric, Tinet and Level 3 this location is key for a new area of the United States seeing more high tech expansion in recent years.

Chicago, IL United States

Our Chicago servers are housed in Steadfast Network's Cermak facility. Located in the heart of downtown this location is one of the most central locations for a good portion of the United States. Chicago serves as a hub for much of the internet traffic from coast to coast. This location is great for servers needing to be accessed from all over the United States and even the world!

Seattle, WA United States

Seattle, WA is a great expansion into the Northwest. With high connectivity to Asia to help server international clients and the area around Silicon Valley. This location is great for customers needing to reach international audiences in Asia (as well as all around the world).

New York, NY United States

New York, NY is a great location close to the busiest business hubs in the world. Now your data can be there alongside the city that never sleeps! Located at NYI's Manhattan datacenter, our New York servers are popular for financial applications needing ultra-fast connections to this business hub of the world.

Frankfurt Germany

We have reached out internationally with our newest location. Take your business to the international level with a Dedicated Server in Frankfurt today! Housed

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