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Dedicated Staff

Our staff love to go above and beyond to help every customer out with their hosting solution. We take pride in customer support and want to make every customer feel welcomed. If you are looking for something that you do not see on our site than you can contact us so we can either start offering that solution or point you to someone who already does. Below is a little bit about each of our staff members.

Thomas B. Operations Manager

TeamThomas is the founder of AMG Network Hosting. Since the start Thomas has been part of all aspects of the business from sales to support to new product exploration. Thomas is constantly looking for ways to help customers expand their business on the online world and have the hardware to handle that expansion.

Sean T. Sales Manager

TeamSean has been part of AMG Network Hosting since its founding in 2009. Sean started out as a sales member to gaming groups in several different games. After we expanded from gaming clans to just about every market Sean stepped up and now leads our sales team.

Ray L. Support Manager

Team Ray joined the team in 2012 working mainly on advertising campaigns, he was than promoted to Support Manager in 2013. Since than he has helped out customers mainly with Dedicated and Virtual Servers with his specialty being setting up game Linux game servers for clients.

Jason B. Marketing

Jason has been with the team since summer of 2017 when he joined as part of our marketing team to help promote our company.

William S. Marketing

William joined the team in 2010 to lead our expansion to the European market. He also helps connect us with multiple gaming communities as a gaming outreach coordinator.


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